torsdag 9 juli 2015

Vacation zombie

I really thought I was going to post more often and read blogs during the summer. Well hello, late as usual with keeping this porthole open. 
My introvertion has struck me after a year with talking and interacting with humans continuosly. The days goes by in complete silence and it feels very comforting. 
A few trips has been achieved though as we live in an area for summer tourism.  There are lot's of things to do here if you like. Me and Alfons took a fika (coffe and some cookies or icecream) at Staberg Mansion and garden one day. The garden is a baroque vegetable garden with fish ponds. The white house on the photo below is the "new" mansion built in the early 19 hundreds.

Alfons is taking a leap in front of the old mansion built in the 17 hundreds. He's such a great company and he likes coffe.

Johan and I visited an "art/comic" exhibition. I can't label Jan Stenmark because he is represented in both cultural papers and comic magazines. 
One picture of a collage, often made of paperclips from old magazines and comics with one sentence written underneath. The collage and the words form a really twisted sense of humour that makes you laugh and when you think deeper it's a little sad or dark. The exhibition is called "the laughter that choked".

"Bosse Lindblom stood by the boiler house and wondered if he was before or after its time"

" What a luck, some may think, that death arrives and free you from not living your life"

My flower garden starts to look better this year. I bought seeds to add some black and dark purple colours to the flower beds. This is one of them, not knowing what it's called in english.
I also have maroon coloured clover.
This columbine is actually darker than this photo shows.
As a contrast to the dark flowers some light ones are necessary. This peony Maxima is amazing. The scent reminds me of the old soaps that my grandfather used to have in his bathroom.
A pink allium that taste like garlic.
I will hopefully be another step closer to my gothic garden.
I have spent two weeks alone in the house and during that time I have cleaned it thoroughly. Johan lend a truck for me to fill with junk from two years of  renovating and hoarding. It's something releiving to make that errand to the recyling station. Yep, everything in the truck is recycled, like we do in Sweden.
I sleep a lot, 10-12 hours per night and that is visible, the dark circles under the eyes are gone. I also take long brunches every morning watching series on netflix.

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  1. Så vackra blommor, vi har massor av olika aklejor här hemma : )
    Visst är det en otroligt skön känsla när man har varit & skänkt eller slängt en massa saker!

    KRAM, Jenny

  2. Det verkar som du har haft fullt upp, men det är en skön känsla när man rensat ut allt som samlats på hög. Det har jag framför mig denna semester. Härligt att få koppla av och sova ut också, men jag blir väldigt orolig när jag ser dig sitta vid frukostbordet...bra att ringarna under ögonen är borta, men du skulle nog behöva äta lite mer ;-)

  3. Jag kan förstå känslan av att bara vilja vara tyst i tystnad....efter att tex ha varit på stan eller jobbet så vill jag ha tyst. Ingen musik i bilen osv. Kram på dig

  4. Great photos! I'm working on my goth garden, my dahlias are finally opening up. :)

    1. Oh I hope you'll post photos of them!

  5. I love that house and gardens!

    I am Maxima, father to a murdered flower... sorry, I had to...

  6. Oh you have been spending your vacation delightfully well! I love a good house clean. And some time spent going on adventures is always wonderful too!

  7. Spending your vacation relaxing, doing fun stuff with the family and sleeping is the best way to do it! Do not worry about the digital life, carry on getting better...

  8. I sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. Never feel bad for doing that, fellow teacher. Teaching can take an awful lot out of you and you MUST set time aside to regroup in the summer or the next semester is going to be horrible. Allow yourself to enjoy it, dear friend. Sending love!