fredag 1 mars 2019

It´s gonna be a bumpy ride!

There will be no part 2 as supposed. I'm devastated! Johan doesn't want to live with me anymore. He didn't say it. I just realized that he don't want me around and confronted him about it. He said nothing but he didn't denied it either.
Maybe it's best for us both but right now, I'm very hurt and heart broken. I don't want to split. I wanted us to be a family, we and the kids.
I can't say much more without being to private

I'm not an easy person to live with but neither is he. I'm hyper active and hurtfully honest. I can't keep my mouth shut if there is something I think is wrong. I can be too much of everything.

Sorry...but I'm exhausted, haven't slept much.

But I got some good news from the bank today. I can take over the loans and continue to live in the house. It will be just me and my youngest. Money will be scarce but I think I can manage it. I can grow my veggies and finish my chicken coop. My oldest son is a carpenter so he can help me with the heaviest things.

The most important thing is that we separate as good friends

6 kommentarer:

  1. Oh honey! I am so sorry! If you need anything, please don't hesitate. We can Skype! The time difference will be weird, but we can do it on the weekend. I'll check in on Facebook. Soon.

  2. Vad tråkigt...MEN vad skönt att du kan bo kvar i huset ändå!
    Önskar dig allt gott vännen <3
    KRAM, Jenny

  3. Åh nej, jag är så ledsen för din skull! Jag hoppas att allt ordnar sig. Och som du säger, han förtjänar dig inte då om han inte kan acceptera alla dina sidor. Och om du nån gång behöver någon att prata med är det bara att skriva, jag kan vara en riktigt bra fejkpsykolog när det krävs! Stor kram!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the end of your relationship.I hope you wish all the best duringthe transition.