måndag 18 mars 2019

Self sustainable

I am no one's
and no one is mine
I owe no one
and no one owes me

First, thank you for your kind words. I will emphasize that we are still good friends. I got all the clears from the bank and are waiting for all the papers to arrive.
Johan got an apartment to rent on this side of town, amazingly quick and thanks to aquaintances. He will be gone in a month.
I'm worried about the economy and if I will be able to manage all the loans and bills that comes with a house. There are so many things to consider, tv, internet, insurances etc. If my health would fail me it would be devastating. So in order to keep myself floating I really have to turn every stone/penny before I buy new stuff and save as much as I can for harder times...There's a roof to change in the future as well.

The plans to save money would look ridicilous in the eyes of many, but all the tiniest pebbles will build a mountain in the long run. I do this also for my son, he's a teenager and won't be too bothered by my scrimping.

I cannot say enough how pleased I am with my bokashi compost. It is amazing. This method will give me free planting soil. On sunday I filled a wheelbarrow with dark nutricious soil. It took only 6 week to compost. You don't need worms and you don't get any problems with flies, rodents or foul smell, perfect!
I topped a leaf and bokashi compost with the soil and sowed spinach.  

Topped the seeds with a thin layer of more soil and the watered with loads of snow.

The lid will give a warmer climate. Does it looks weird? Well the seeds will grow when they think it's time and they will sprout earlier. 

I wen't completely bananas with the chili seeds. I have chilis in every window now. Maybe I will cook my own chilisauce for next winter. 

So, you can see I'm planning to make it work, by continue to grow my own vegetables and expand my vegetable garden even more. I'm only worried about my health though, I have Mr Depression tapping on my shoulder and have to keep him at bay, I have to, I must do this.
I have never felt that I can rely on another human, so this will actually be no difference, only a bit more lonely.

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  1. I wish you all the best on this new journey in life! Growing vegetables will surely help you save money. We eat very simply at my house--vegetables, rice, beans, homemade bread. I imagine if we grew a lot of our produce, that would cut the grocery bills in half!

    My mother and father got divorced a year ago. They lived together for financial reasons, but they just moved apart last week. My mom moved in with her dad, and my dad moved in with his mom. Any big life change like that is hard, even if it's a good change. You are strong, and you have people who care about you. Always remember that.