lördag 20 mars 2010

How to transform a lamp

Have you ever seen something more hideous than this lamp? Isn't it ugly!!! Can you even imagine I bought it! But I did. When I saw it at the flea market I yelled at my mother and pointed at it. Look what an ugly thing. But I passed this horrible thing looking as if it came from the Addams family estate several times and suddenly an idea came up in my head.

I tried to leave the lampshade but the owner insisted that I should take it with me. Back home I carried down in the cellar and painted the foot with white paint. I tried to find a smaller lampshade that might fit but It took 2 years before I realised I could actually re do the lampshade. I cutted out pieces in the bottom and with a little help with welding, the base of the lamp was smaller. Then I got in a hurry and just sew a skirt to put over the shade. I will do it properly when I have the time ( or should I say if?).

It was the details of the foot that caught my eyes. It looks ugly in brown....

I like it better in white... The dirty ugly fabric on the shade was saved and washed. Yesterday I made something of pieces of this fabric. I will show you later.

So things that seems to be ugly or just waste material can be transformed to something nice. Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Som jag skrev i din andra blogg. vilken skillnad. Tycker att din snabblösning av skärm blev jättebra.

    Ha en fortsatt bra helg!
    Kram Ullis

  2. Blev verkligen lyckat!!!

    : )

    KRAM, Jenny


  3. Den lampan ja... :-D Blev lite skillnad...

    Du har en award att hämta på min blogg :-)

  4. I love that foot! I have been looking forever for something like that. It would make the perfect foot for my next homemade manequin. But I must admit it looks pretty good as a lampfoot too!
    Enjoy your wonderful find.

  5. Jättefint!!
    Du är duktig du :)

  6. Jo de kommer från
    Formarna alltså.:-) Kramis