tisdag 30 mars 2010

Putting up some easter eggs

You might wondering what I've been doing lately. Well I've been busy doing some easter eggs for my home decorating. A week ago I planted tiny daffodils in pots to make it nicer at home. Of course Tuli had one in his window.
I know, you have seen these eggs before (if you are an old reader of my blog) and this kind of decoration is coming back year after year. The dead twigs with moss on, so lovely in my opinion with real eggs decorated with old prints, paper crosses and natural hen feathers.
I bought brown eggs from a local supplier the other day and theese I've been busy decorating. Right now they are put on sticks for the glitter and glue to dry. I will do a post in one day or two showing how I make my easter eggs. Until then, take care of you!!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Vad mycket fint du skapar! Förstår inget jag prenumererar på din blogg, men har missat flera inlägg

  2. I was so busy with my collections project that I didn't have time to do a lot of blog visits, but wishing you a very nice Easter and beautiful Easter decorations makes that you will forgive me, I hope ;-)!

  3. Å vilket gulligt arrangemang med dina ägg och riset med fjädrar. Väldigt, väldigt fint.
    Kram och Glad Påsk
    Eva Agnes

  4. Ja, jag känner mig verkligen kreativ, trots det faktum att jag känner mig febrig & förkyld..!

    ; )

    Önskar dig och din familj en fin, skön & glad påsk!!!

    KRAM, Jenny