lördag 14 april 2012

Get outside!!

Bat fit challenge #8 : Get outside!
So this weeks challenge for a healthier life is to get outside and of course write about it.
I'm a person who loves being outdoors. Unfortunately there have been far too little of that during the winter, but  I'll hope I will change that. When I have the time, I prefer to walk in the forest before the bike paths and roads around here. So here's a map over the forest close to our house. This is an orientation map; all paths, larger stones, houses etc is on this map. The white and light green fields are forest and the yellow are meadows . And the blue are wet :), very simple.

With this little map I find every little path and helps me not to get lost. Well I got this map a month ago and I always have found my way home. The line marked in red is a very old walking trail, now used for hikers or runners. The dotted line with blue lines over have lights in wintertime for cross skiing. My house is on the bright green field just near the dart in the left upper corner.

These walks in the forest are something I need to be happy. When I feel a bit moody I take a walk and come home as a complete different person. Johan says it's visible on the outside, my shoulders are lower and  I glow. About five years ago the wildlife population changed remarkably around here, there is lot's of predators out there, bears and wolfes. I don't mind meeting a wolf as long as it is one. I don't wan't to meet a bear again even though he was more scared of me than I of him. And the last I wan't to meet is a wild boar, they can be very agressive. But those animals can be very curious and follow you around. Sometimes I use to clap my hands or stomp my feet, when I feel uncomfortable, because it's better that they know that I'm there than to take them by surprise.

This summer I will fill the fridge with blueberries lingonberries cranberries, fungus and hopefully, cloudberrys. All of this can be found were I walk (the map). And I only have to walk up the hill on the other side of the road to find the blueberries.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Vi behöver inte ens gå ut i skogen... grannen hade en varg på sin gård idag..mitt på dagen :( Inte ok...

  2. Seems like you live in an area with a lot of green and lakes. Here in the big city, I'm lucky to have some greens behind the house (there is a path for bikers). But in the ither hand, I can go out all night every night if I'd like...

  3. Visst är det skönt att vara ute, men vid "vargfara" håller jag mig nog undan :)
    Älskar att vara ute och lufsa och lukta, känna in o bara vara :)
    Sköna naturKramen från mig nu