lördag 14 juli 2018

A blue sky and Whales

Day 5 June 28th A day on the Atlantic ocean
Finnaly, we had a day with a little blue sky. The view from our windows is amazing. The eyes are continuosly drawn to the view and one just sits there and try to grasp the fact that places like this really exist. I don't have a photo of it, but when eating breakfast we saw a sea otter diving for clams.

We packed our car with rainboots and warm clothes and headed towards Andöya, but we didn't get far. Just after a couple of minutes driving, we urgently needed to stop to take photos.
The view over our neighbour-fjord, Hognfjorden is stunning. Simanestinden, Mortendalstinden, Middagstinden stands in a row. Every little mountain-top has a name here, and there are thousands of them.

Hognfjorden and Sörfjorden. The mountains are Durmålstinden, Middagstinden, Meraftatinden and Trolldalstinden. 

 So as the header says, our goal for the day was a whale safari. Andenes at Andöya is a sleepy little town that seems to live by whales and fishing.

There were quite a lot of houses for sale. For example this one. If  you are a fan of Hitchcock movies and loves the sea, this house is perfect. It is very picturesque with a  lot of patina and bird song, literally. :-D
We jumped in our winter wardrobe, rain boots and borrowed some kind of overall suit that made me feel like a stuffed snowman. It was only me and my sons on this event. The others were a bit worried over sea sicknes, deep water and so on. We travelled fast with RIB-boats out on the ocean. During the bumpy ride we saw flocks of puffin birds, diving in the sea. It was impossible to take photos of the birds so heres a photo from wikipedia.
Isn't it cute? I have always wanted to see one in real life, ever since I was a little child.
We waited for a wery long time, almost two hours before we found one. My boys are very impatient and it is hard to sit still and just wait.
Suddenly a small fountain is visible in the waves.
A sperm whale is sighted.

This whale is 16 meters long and the weight is 40 000 kg, a heavy dude. The sperm whale dives relatively deep and can stay under water for 2 hours, before it needs to reach the surface to breathe. After about 15 minutes of breathing it dives again.

I think it was wonderful to see the whale in it's natural habitat, and share this experience with my sons. 
We came home late that evening, again. But as you can see, it's never dark here. The photo of the bog, mountains and the sky is taken 22:41.
Let me offer you a fitting soundtrack of my photos.

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  1. Men åh vilken lyx att se en lunnefågel på så nära håll!
    Jättevackra bilder, ser så fridfullt ut med allt vatten och grönt gräs, jag vill hoppa in i bilden :D

    1. Ja när man väl är "i bilden" så vill man inte kliva ur. Det är mycket vackrare i verkligheten :-)

  2. Sigh ... so pretty! I've been itching to do a whale watch up in Salem for years. Maybe next summer.

  3. Roligt med val-safari :)