söndag 8 juli 2018

Vesterålen - where the sky meets the ocean

Day 2 June 25th
Once across the border, the landscape suddenly change. The mountains are higher and more rocky and the nature gives a dramatic impression, comparing to the Swedish side. The photos below shows Junkerdal.

A serpentine road windling along the mountain side with a steep cliff. You can see how small the road is. These meeting spots (were I parked) are a bit sunken, scary.

The photo above was taken in Fauske were I had to fill up gas.
The trip also included a ride with a ferry, from Bognes to Lödingen
Into the fog...

Driving through this dramatic landscape, frequently the thought comes to me, why didn't they shoot the lotr in Norway?
Finally we reach our destination, 6 o'clock in the evening. The red house with large windows is ours. The house is clean and fresh and well equipped. Behind the house is a bowl shaped mountain (Reinstadtinden) reaching 835 meters above the sea. I can see a lake in the bottom of the "bowl", on a map, and I wish to take a climb. I'm on the beach right now, so when I turn around...
White sand, turqoise water and a 900 m high mountain, called Nontind. This is our amazing view, everytime we look out the window. It's a bit sad that a photo doesn't make the real thing justice. The mountain looks actually much higher in reality, you feel pretty small in this place.

 Sitting on a stone and ingesting the view, I become overwhelmed by the beauty. If I could, I would cry, but I'm overwhelmed and filled with to many emotions. You do agree with me, that this is the place for fairytales, don't you?

The photos are taken half past 10 in the evening, it's not particularly dark. At one o clock in the night it is only a wee bit darker.
I pick seashells and sea glass. The salty water is ice cold.

Johan gives me a hug and says that I've planned this trip very well.

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  1. Roligt att få föja er resa, älskar när folk orkar skriva ordentliga reseskildringar :) Otroligt vackert ställe...ser fram emot mera bilder.

  2. Wow, how beautiful! I'd love to visit Northern Europe one day.

    1. You won't be dissapointed, except for the long distances between everything. If you like nature and hiking, it's the best place to be. If you like city-life, well it's not so busy.
      I live in middle-Sweden and the nature around here is also beautiful but different.