tisdag 24 juli 2018

Cottage life June 13-15th

If your family have it's roots in Dalarna Sweden. You or someone in your family will likely have a "fäbod", a summerhouse. Our cottage belongs to Johan and his family. Small log cabins built in the 17th century have served as a summer home for cattle and mostly women for centuries. Because lack of pastures around the farms, these places in the forest served as houses for the people (women) who took care of the kettle and their milk. The kettle walked free in the forest but came back for the night and the safety at the stable.
Top photo, the cabin. Bottom left, the shed. Bottom right, the stable. 
After dinner and making the beds, we walked to the lake for a evening swim. 

 This flower bloomed everywere in the shallow water.

One evening we, me and the youngest boys walked up the mountain to check our spring. These natural springs are essential for forest farming. This is were we get our fresh water, it's mostly ok. If it has been raining or a moose have been there for a bath, the water from the tap turns muddy.
This summer has been extremely sunny, the temperature has been between 25-30 degrees Celsius, every day. So, during our stay at the cottage, we went to the beach every day for baths.

Our beach is over 1 km long and the sand is soft. This place is truly a hidden gem.

Last night at our stay in the cottage, I wanted to see the sunset badly. These photos are taken 12 o clock at night. Nordic summernights are magical, it is so hard to go to bed.
We lit a little fire on the wet sand. This was a risk, because there were warnings about fires and we have many forest fires going on. The day after the news banned fires completely. But as an excuse I can say that the fire is tiny and we were very cautious. We carefully put out the fire before we left.

The land on the left is Torsnäs, it's a Viking burial and ceremonial place.

This is how a relaxed and a well rested teacher looks like. Teachers work their butts of in the schoolyear, that is why our vacation is longer than everyone else. We deserve it!

I can say that during the week in Norway, I lost words several times and lost my focus a lot. 

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