torsdag 26 juli 2018

Hot days

It is unbeliavable hot. We only had one rain shower in two months. We have huge forest fires going on both in my county and up north. Fortunately no deaths has occured. My thought goes to beautiful Greece and the loss of over 70 people in wild fires. I'm convinced that this is the cause of climate change. I try to save water, feed the birds and fill a pan with fresh water for insects and birds.
Running can only be done at sunset or in the morning. I'm so happy to have lovely surroundings, just outside our house. One of my tracks is a little more than 5 km and goes along the river.

I love this view.

The river runs just about 150 meters from home and after 9 years in this house, we dared to take a dip. The water is streaming and it is deep right here.

We have been avoiding this place because the children were a bit too young to go here alone.

We have been swimming here almost every day. Nothing can cool you off like a swim in the river.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds so fun! Is the river water cold? Do you have to worry about water snakes? Where I live, I'm afraid to swim in the river because of snakes (and pollution in many places). I used to live in a different state last year. It was further North and in the mountains, so the water was colder. There were very few snakes, so swimming was safe and so fun.

    1. Oh, we have wery clean water in general in Sweden. The water was unusually warm,24 degrees C. We have only 2 kind of snakes and they are rare.