torsdag 12 juli 2018

Trying to climb the mountain

Day 4 June 27th. A day at home in Vesterålen
After another day, travelling by car, we needed a "day off" at home. We slept, took it easy. We had looked at the mountain behind our house for a long time. I wanted to se the lake so much. The lake Nordheivatnet is at 386 meters above the ocean and lays between the bowl shaped mountains.
We started in a good mood. The subarctic forest is very beautiful with dwarf cornel in bloom and gnarly birch trees.

It had rained for 5 weeks and our feet got wet very fast.

We obviously took the wrong way. With a steep almost impossible to climb and heaps of rocks surrounding us, we had to turn back. Since it was late, we headed back home.

It's not easy to see how steep it was, but we seriously wouldn't get this high up if we didn't have the trees to hold on to.
The evening ended with more resting. 
I sneaked away and took a bath. I can tell you it was unbelievable cold, even though I had a wet suit. It was a quick dip and no one saw me, so they didn't beleive that I did dip myself.

This is a typical photo of bored brothers, it has always ended in a wrestling match.

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