måndag 12 mars 2012

One lovely blog Award

Dearest Le Professeur Gothique sent me this wonderful award. She's a truly inspirational person both for her intelligence and her success in gaining health and loosing weight. I'm very grateful for this award because I need a lot of encouragement.

The rules of this award says that you send it forward to 15 other blog friends and tell 7 random things about yourselves.

So I thought I would tell you something that are a bit personal.
1. I'm a very temperamental person and are close to all my feelings, wich can be challenging for some people. I'm very emotional, sensitive, driven by motivation and passionate.
2. I'm not a social person and the last years it got worse. Some people have dissappointed me so much I don't wan't to waste my time on them. I always feel strange and different in a group of people.
3. Im a complete nerd when it comes to growing vegetables, and eat them. There is always a challenge and something to improve or test when growing vegetables. This year I will grow white pumpkins in a seed bed. I dreaming of building my own hen house that is connected to a green house. The wheater is very cold were I live and the growing season are too short.
4. There is a deep need to be creative. I'm almost always up to some DIY projects.
5. The recent months have my hair became very thin. I feel very uncomfortable about that (and yes, talking about it here). The doctors says there is no cure for that, just to try to stress down.
6. I'm overweight and for the first time in my life, it's difficult to loose weight, but a positive fact is that I love to exercise. I run swim and training with weights.
7. I'm a graduated bacelor of science in Chemistry, worked as a steel production scientist and now work as a production engineer on a house hold and skin care company.

A few lovely blogs I would like to send this award forwart to are:
These blogs can be found in my blog list on the sidebar but I would like to highligt them a little extra (there are some swedish blogs I hope you'll find interesting):
1. Jema Rose.
2. Creative dreamlands of Arathin her old blog is in swedish and can be found here.
3. The impossible girl
4. Precious things
5. Juliets Lace
7. Shards of Chaos
8. Nachtfalter
9. I am stuck in an asylum
10. Elisa Day

10 kommentarer:

  1. You studied chemistry? I would have never guessed, your pictures always look so professional - I thought you were a photographer or graphic designer!

    And I feel with you about thinning hair, I also have this problem. Do you colour your hair? Snce I switched to natural colours (henna), the thickness of my hair has improved and I have some short babyhair growing. Maybe this helps!

  2. Snälla fina du..!

    : )

    Känner mig väldigt hedrad av utmärkelsen, och riktigt rörd faktiskt...

    Jag ska göra ett inlägg inom de närmaste dagarna och berätta lite mer om mig själv!

    STOR varm kram till dig
    min fina vän!


  3. An award very much deserved! :) I love to see photos of your projects and your home. It's so lovely and bright with the pale colors and the accessories artfully composed. You have a great eye for vintage pieces.

    Twice I've had episodes of my hair falling out due to stress. It's a panicky feeling! The good news is that it did stop and there was no long-term damage.

  4. Nu har jag läst om hur du är, på engelska... och du är väl likadan på svenska antar jag... hihi

  5. You look so lovely!! Congrats on the award. You deserve it - I always look forward to your photos and your projects!

  6. Jag kan INTE komma in på Facebook, de vill att jag uppger mitt mobilnummer (jag har ingen mobil) alternativt att jag laddar upp en bild på mitt ID-kort (vilket jag vägrar!)

    Så det blir kanske inget mer FB för min del..!


    KRAM, Jenny

  7. Jag ska testa med pappas mobiltelefon...funkar inte det, så får det ju va så med FB...


    KRAM, Jenny

  8. NU har jag äntligen fixat ett LÅNGT inlägg..!

    : )

    KRAM, Jenny

  9. Tusen tack! Vad glad jag blev! Har en liten bloggtorka just nu. Men ska komma igång igen. Vad roligt att läsa mer om dig. Konserten var helt fantastisk så jag är säker på att du får en toppenkväll på Nightwish konserten. Har en biljett till Göteborg konserten, men kommer nog mest troligt att inte kunna vara där då. Så jag ska försöka sälja biljetten. Kram