torsdag 5 januari 2012

Natural beauty from the outside

Herregud så mycket text det blev. Om ni tycker att engelskan är svår, var vänlig att installera google translate!! 
Hursomhelst så ger jag er här receptet på min egenkomponerade ansiktskräm!

Today I will learn you how easy it is to make your own moisturizing face cream. It's like making a mayonaise but easier. I have a sensitive skin, gets breakouts and allergic reactions of  most creams. After a lot of reading and interests of healthy and natural living I searched and found Crearome, wich is a swedish company selling the necessary ingredients for makeup and skincare. From a book by the owner of this company, I learned the basics and from there I have been experimenting with recipes and myself to a formula that fits me and my dry skin.

When you make a cream, you mix water and fat to a stable solution (like when you make mayonnaise), but you must have an emulgating agent to make this happen. 
This is what you need for the fat phase: Ecological rape oil ,virgin, preferably local grown and made(do not use olive oil, it gives you brakeouts) . Another alternatives are almond oil  for dry skin or thistle oil for greasy skin. 30 ml of that ingredient. 
And here's the most important; beeswax! Why, you ask. Well I've come to the conclusion that the wax doesen't go through the skin, it stays as a protecting shield on top and help the moisture in the cream to stay by the skin. Use a 2 inches square piece. I got this from my mother when she was a beekeeper.
Some luxury; cocoa butter, this one is ecological pure and smells heavenly, take a spoon full. You can use sheabutter as well wich is very good for dry skin.
And last, the emulsifier, there are different kinds. This one I use now is not able to blend with acidic solutions so, I will change this one to another. All emulsifiers needs different amounts to emulsify. And be sure that the emulsifier is made from vegetable waxes.
All the ingredients above are poured in a tiny saucepan or something that kan be used on the stove.
The water phase contains 200ml boiled water, or maybe rose water, herb infusion or something you like. 
Glycerine, very important because it binds water, but not too much then it draws the water from your skin. I use 5 ml. And at last a pinch of allantoin, wich is a powder made of comfrey root, good for sensitive skin.

You see on the picture above that the water is in a heat resistant crucible already. Now heat both the fat and water solutions to 70-75 C. And pour the fat slowly while stirring in the water solution. By now it propably looks like melted butter with milk or something. I use a childs wisk to stir. Stir while the temperature's sinking.

By 35-40 degrees you add more fun stuff for the face. Perfume, if you like. By the way. Have you tried a perfume free cream especially those cheap and felt the smell of mineral oils? Paraffin and other stuff related to gasoline. Vegetable creams always smell nice without perfumes (especially when you blend in cocoabutter). Well I use 15 drops of each, geranium and rose de mai (pure rose oil). 
1 ml of AHA-complex (moisturizer and vitalizer).
1ml silk proteine (for strenght and protection).
20-30 drops of proxyglycerine, a preservative that replaces paraben.
There's a lot of other nice products like vitamins that you could use.

Keep on careful stirring until the mixture is blended and pour on clean jars. This recipe gives you about 220 ml of lovely face care that lasts a long time. And the best of it you don't have to be sparse, because it's comparatively cheap. I use this for day and night cream. The skin stays moist and fresh all day long and I so clearly see how it improves the skin remarkably. Sometimes when I run out of it I use vegetable baby lotion (a cheap alternative) and clearly see how the skin dries. 

Now if you don't wan't to work this much by looking great and have the money I would recommend Dr Hauschka or Weleda products.

Last week I bought some white paint, too keep up with the pine transformation. This window had yellowish pine wood framing wich gave a dull light in the bedroom. I know it looks odd with flowery curtains in the middle of winter, but I need something colourful this time of year. I sew a throw for the bed with scraps in the same fabric but I had to remove it because it was too much of patterns. The curtains comes from Gudrun Sjödén my favourite artsy old lady. She makes designs in fuzzy and colourful floralpatterns, but she also have a darker more subtle collection, from were I buy comfortable but expensive clothes (god how I love her silk jersey, wish I could buy all of those pieces).

Have a lovely weekend!
Ha en fin helg!

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  1. Hej
    så kul att göra egen...
    själv har vi en butik i Anderstorp som bara har ekologiska skönhetsprodukter och har en ansiktskräm som är helt fantasisk fick presentkort där så ska dit och köpa en nästa vecka......
    ha en mysig helg

  2. Happy New Year!
    Wishing you Happiness, Health and Prosperity in the new year to come!
    Sandra Evertson

  3. Vad duktig du är som gör egna skönhetsprodukter, då vet du också vad de innehåller, ekologiskt blir det ju med, toppen!! Ha nu en fin lördagskväll. Kraaaam Paula

  4. I'm so glad you posted this! I once saw you had commented on someone else's blog about making your own cream for sensitive skin, and I was wanting your recipe! I used to dabble a bit in homemade beauty products, and still have a ton of essential oils, cocoa butter, etc. Time to order a few more ingredients and give this a try!!

  5. Hello Linnea Maria!! I have been wanting to stop over and say hello. Thank you for your kind words on my blog the last several posts. :)) It has been a rough year and I am glad to start the new one fresh.

    I love this idea of making my own face cream!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!!


  6. I should really try this. I have been having some SERIOUS issues with my skin lately. I have started using straight honey for acne spots and that has been working wonders for me. I think I'll play around with making my own moisturizer now. Thank you for the inspiration!